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Admit it, you're a little bored in your job. And maybe your boss isn't so great either. Well, we're not perfect either. On the contrary. But we LINDERS do our best and like to think off the beaten track. That's why we're currently creating a new workplace. For you! With a casual concept with style. In the new LUIS EATERY we are looking for lateral thinkers just as much as in the new Cycling Hotel. We'll play a game of billiards and play your salary. Kidding aside. But you are welcome to apply.

Gorgeous and good: we have it all!

The LINDER has always ticked all the boxes. Now, with its recent refurbishment, its unique charmed has taken centre stage. Our new look goes hand in hand with outstanding quality across our 16 new rooms, the SPA, and the restaurant.

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The best remedy for tired legs after a day’s cycling is a trip to our pool, sauna, or simply on the lounger. Do not take our word for it, though: head to our SPA and recharge your batteries surrounded by peace and calm.

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A feast for your eyes

You are on holiday: no need to feel guilty about giving in to temptation.