Do you wander?

The sight of the Dolomites is one to behold: never has any other sight sparked more happiness, awe, and wonder than their steep walls. The pale mountains get closer with every step or every turn you take on your bike. And if you want to shorten the distances, simply hop on one of Val Gardena’s lift facilities. You will be touching the sky with your finger in a heartbeat and walking from one hut to the next in the heart of this slice of heaven on earth.

And if you start feeling hungry, stop at one of those very same huts and order a slice of strudel, some local dumplings (the famous canederli), or even a thimbleful of grappa. The only thing you need is time: in Val Gardena there are over 400 excursions to choose from – from easy all the way to the more demanding hikes. Three days are certainly not enough. Incidentally, going on a hike is not only a summer activity. Even winter and its magical white landscape, is ideal for hiking. After all, it is not all about skiing: walking and diving headfirst into nature among this fairy-tale landscape is something you have to try for yourself.

Your benefits

Pack your hiking boots and get ready: the Dolomites await

  • The Ciampinoi cable car is just 120 m from the LINDER
  • Other 400 hikes of varying level
  • Find whatever your heart desires: easy hikes; climbs; and vie ferrate
  • Explore the Dolomites with us during summer or winter
  • Let us go on a hike together: take a look at our weekly programme

Rooms & Suites

The new LINDER Newcomer Rooms are yet to be used. They are comfier, larger, more sophisticated and are the perfect place to sleep sweet dreams. Even our traditional rooms will be sure to surprise you – why change something too much if it works?


A feast for your eyes

You are on holiday: no need to feel guilty about giving in to temptation.